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Commissions: Terms of Service + Q&A
* I will start the commission as soon as you order and I confirm it with you. 
* I will allow a 3 day period after the completion or delivery of the commission to make any small revisions or changes.
* You must credit me whenever you are using my art.
* You may not remove my watermark/signature at any time or for any reason whatsoever.
* Low quality and large watermarked versions will be uploaded here for examples unless it is closed species characters.
* You may not alter or change my art in any way, if you wish to do so note me here on DA to learn about the alteration fee I charge. If it seems or sounds high it is because I highly discourage my art being altered or changed in any way.
* Even if you pay the alteration fee you must still credit me for the art and you may not remove, blur, cover up, crop, or censor my signature/watermark.
Q: What kind of payment do you accept?
A: I accept DA points, USD, characters, adoptables, and closed species if I like them. On I will accept pets and C$ for most of the cheaper commissions.
Q: How and where do I pay?
A: you can either pay via the request a commission, pay via the Donation pool, PayPal (You will have to note me here on DA for this) , or send the points over via the Give dropbox.
Q: When will be a good time to pay?
A: I can take the payment anytime BUT I will not give any progress updates or send the completed art over until I receive payment. I highly encourage that you send the payment first.
Q: What if I have to cancel a commission?
A: Notify me ASAP and I will refund the payment right away but if I am 50%+ done or 100% done then I will not refund your points.
Q: Do you take refunds for commissions?
A: Once I am 50%+ done or deliver the completed commission I will no longer take refunds.
Q: May I alter your art or make any changes?
A: You may not changer or alter my art in any way except for resizing. I will allow a 3 day period after art has been completed or delivered for any small revisions. 
Q: If I want to be able to change or alter your art will there be an alteration fee?
A: Yes, I will charge an alteration fee if you plan to alter or change any of my art so I highly discourage that you want to alter or change the art piece. If you have any questions about it note me here on DA or PM me on ChickenSmoothie
Q: What are the MYO Tiers for?
A: They are for any of my closed species that I have made. MYOs can let you make a custom of that species with whatever mutations the myo ticket allows.
Bakery Shark Tier 0 MYO Dough
You may pay through request a commission or the donation pool

With a Tier 0 MYO Dough you may be able to create a bakery shark with zero mutations.

If you have any questions or concerns you may note me here on DA or CS.
Bakery Shark Tier 1 MYO Dough
You may pay via request a commission or the donation pool

With a Tier 1 MYO ticket You'll be able to get a custom Bakery Shark with 1-2 uncommon mutations of your choice.

If you have any questions or concerns you can note me here on DA or Pm me on CS.




EverdaleDreamers's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, greetings, I go by Jun. I used to go by Luciel/Lu/Ciel but i've outgrown them. Anyway This is just my tiny little world in a small corner in a big space of what is called the Internet. I do art since it's a life hobby and possible a strong passion of mine. I don't really do it too seriously. I'm slowly learning and expanding my art skills as time goes on. By the way, I'm trash for Yu-Gi-Oh! (mainly the 1st-3rd generations) and Touken Ranbu. My Instagrams are: d_sendsion and d._send , my Chickemsmoothie ID is: EverdaleDreamers. I changed my artist name on 2/14/2017 from EverdaleDreamers to D-Send but I currently don't have any way to change my username here on DA so you can still find me by my old artist name and this apply to other places/sites.


EverdaleDreamers has started a donation pool!
80 / 4,600
Donations welcome! (thank you in advance!)
***note: point commission payment can be sent here, through the direct method, or message me to have me list it as a commission for you to purchase!

Payments for Bakery Shark MYO doughs can be paid here as well!

My commissions will be posted later as a journal entry but for now they can be found on my art shop on Chicken smoothie. (I will see if I can link it soon!)

You must be logged in to donate.

                                                                     Pixel Art:

Viscet Batch 367 Huff Pixel by EverdaleDreamersShida Pixel by EverdaleDreamersJoseph Sassy Pixel by EverdaleDreamersGrumpy Sanna Pixel by EverdaleDreamersViscet 795 Pixel by EverdaleDreamersViscet 988 Pixel by EverdaleDreamersHope Pixel For @_prettytwisted_ on Instagram by EverdaleDreamersWolf Pixel For @_prettytwisted_ on Instagram by EverdaleDreamersSy pixel for @_prettytwisted_ by EverdaleDreamersTwisted pixel for @_prettytwisted_ by EverdaleDreamersTy Wants His Golden Honey by EverdaleDreamersSawyer Gift Pixel For Demonic Soul (bounce ver.) by EverdaleDreamersPlumerian 252 Mini bounce version by EverdaleDreamers

  Viscet Batch118 Happy Dance pixel by EverdaleDreamersKalon 818 Commission For Angua by EverdaleDreamers

$3 / 300 DA points for immobile pixels - Price can increase based on character design.
                    $5 / 500 DA points for animated pixels - Price can increase based on character design.

                                                            DA Point slots:
                                                              1. (Open)
                                                              2. (Open)
                                                              3. (Open)
                                                         PayPal USD slots:
                                                              1. Angua on CS - animated pixel - Contest Art Status: Completed, payment received, delivered.
                                                              2. (Open)
                                                              3. (Open)
                                                              4. (Open)

                                                     Headshots and Sketches:
        Viscet 894 Headshot Doodle by EverdaleDreamers Viscet 924 Floral Headshot by EverdaleDreamers 959 and 537 Couple Headshot by EverdaleDreamers Comet Family Doodle Boop by EverdaleDreamers                      Alice Headshot Sketch For Pishposh by EverdaleDreamers Batch 604 Sketch For Squeeze by EverdaleDreamers Althea Doodle for Jpmouse by EverdaleDreamers avalon sketch for Biminy by EverdaleDreamers                                                                            Sketchy Headshot For Tinymouse by EverdaleDreamers
Note:*** The above examples are just the thumbnail size,
                                 these are actually bigger than portrayed. The thumbnail size
                                 is to save space and keep the commission journal from
                                                             getting too long.

                      Price: $2-$5 / 200-500 DA points Each - Price can increase depending on character                                                                design and if you add a character.

                                                                DA point slots:
                                                                     1. (Open)
                                                                     2. (Open)
                                                             PayPal USD slots:
                                                                     1. (Open)
                                                                     2. (Open)

                        Fullbody or Painting aka Traditional to Digital Converted Art:
Guarding the Moon - Viscet 959 by EverdaleDreamers

Crystal Legendary Story Tryout Art by EverdaleDreamers

Note***: These are the largest digital pieces I ever make and the longest so keep it in mind. The process starts with me sketching it on paper then I ink all the lines with different colored pens then scan it with a printer+scanner. I take a screenshot of the scanned image and sometimes have to do it a few times to make sure that the whole piece is fitted. Then I open the screenshot(s) in my art program then work around it making sure that any cut-offs are properly matched up. Once that part is done I complete the piece in the art program to what you see in the examples.

                                            Price: $20-$35 / 2000-3500 DA points Each 
    - Price may increase depending on character design or if you add characters. (Up to 3 characters)

                                                DA point / PayPal USD slots:
                                                             1. (Open)
Note: I will accept either but will strongly prefer the payment to be PayPal USD for this commission type.

Price info: My prices depend on how long they take me to finish since none are from my color-in bases so every one of them are done on original lines. They also depend on how much people think my art is worth and then sometimes for situations like if I have to charge more to make ends meet or something like that. I am a self employed artist, crafter, and toy customizer and sometimes the things I customize or craft to sell aren't bought as often or is not enough for me to help get by which is why I have to turn to opening my art commissions earlier than anticipated.

More examples can be found in my gallery. Do excuse art that use the same base, most of the ones like Viscet Happy Dancers were color in bases that I used to offer for commissions. Now I try to not reuse any bases that I've drawn or made for commission listing.

                                 1. Do not haggle or complain about my prices please.
            2. I will allow two orders per person unless you are buying the fullbody/painting commission                                                                which will count as 2 orders.
  3. Please have the payment ready to send ASAP when I have the art done. I will not send you the art until I receive payment. If paying through PayPal please pay through the goods and services and click no address. Also include your DA name in the note and your order so I know where it's coming from.
                            4. Make sure that you are paying in USD if you are paying through PayPal.
     5. If paying through DA points you can pay through the donation pool or through the direct method.
                                              6. If you have questions feel free to ask me.

Past commissions:
Angua on CS: Kalon 818 Commission For Angua by EverdaleDreamers
  • Reading: White Fang
  • Watching: Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Eating: Hot Pocket
  • Drinking: Water


Sorry for no art lately, I've been kind of in a rut and had to move my focus over to customizing toys (not dolls) and trying to sell them since I don't really get commissions on here. I'll try to find time to upload art that has been finished though.
Commission For Genji On Cs
Character designer unknown
owned by Genji on Chickensmoothie
art by: me

commission for Genji on CS
Commissions are still open. I've been going on and off between digital art here and then some traditional art and customizing toys (mainly littlest pet shops). 


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